Monday, April 29, 2013


"Love True Love" 12x12

Inside my silly little world there are many trees. I'm sure you've noticed that trend in my paintings. To me they are a metaphor for life in many stages and circumstances.

A few months ago a friend asked why I painted so many trees without leaves. I actually had to ponder that for awhile because I seem to have a pattern of which trees I paint without leaves and which trees I paint with leaves. I had not noticed this pattern so I had to think about it for some time.

Here is my painting of trees in love but they have no leaves and it is a cold painting. It represents the beauty but harshness of the outside world and the love that binds two together to battle the trials they face.

 In this painting I chose to do a very ethereal background (another of my favorite things to do) and made my trees be weathered from the storms in life.   
"Love Weathers Everything" 24x48
After some thought on the subject what I realized is, that to love, one has to be vulnerable in order to let another person be there with you, thru every intimate thing and struggle in life. Without leaves they feel more vulnerable and therefore need each other all the more so.

"Hope" 11x14
The one above I did for anyone who has a loved one who is going thru cancer or has gone thru cancer. Once again you are very vulnerable when a loved one has cancer. You must be strong to help the one who is sick but it strips you too. The one who is sick is very vulnerable and needs so much support. Although I made sure that the little tree who represents the one who is sick, also wraps their arms around the larger tree because while the one caring for the sick person gives love and compassion, the one who is sick returns that love and compassion and many times gives support to the supporter. What I find to be impressive about both trees and people is their ability to endure great hardships but show their very best, by giving of their own strength to another inspite of their own misery. I've noticed that after both people and trees endure serious difficulties, they may become weathered, a little twisted and maybe a bit bent over but they are even more beautiful, than they were when they were young and fresh.

"A Fairy Canopy" 11x14
This tree I painted with leaves. It is a welcoming, happy go lucky and nurturing tree.  I realized that when I add leaves to trees it many times represents a mothering quality. It is a canopy that folds over and protects, making one safe to play and laugh the cares of the day away!

Here you see my "Lovebirds in a Peacock Tree", they are hidden among strong protective tree limbs and can enjoy a peaceful moment! I called it a peacock tree because of the leaf colors. They are a blue green purple! The leaves on this tree took me about 15 hours to paint! It was all worth it in the end and went to a happy newly married couple!

"Lovebirds in a Peacock Tree" SOLD

Then again, I just like trees! In the future there will be many more trees on my canvas! I will continue to try to explain my silly little world that lives in my head! Have a happy love filled week everyone!

Monday, April 22, 2013


"Anyone Have the time?" Sold
As I've talked about before, I deal with stress by painting some silly little world that lives in my head! I had so much fun doing this painting some time ago. I got it into my head that rabbits are particular folks since I had a pet rabbit who was a bit persnickety! So.. now I paint rabbits that are silly but persnickety. This particular rabbit is very concerned about being on time all of the time so keeps several clocks about. Fairies on the other hand really don't want to be bothered with the time so fairies and rabbits while always remaining friends sometimes annoy each other when it comes to their viewpoints on the matter of time keeping!

This is what inspires me. Whenever I am hiking around I look for hidden little places and then I imagine a story that might go with it and end up painting something like the tree above. I found this little house for some sort of critter when I was out in a wildlife preserve near Savannah GA.

I wonder who lives here!

This is another view that I found today that inspires me to paint some story about where the road may lead to. It is the imagination of where it might go that excites me, not necessarily where it actually goes.

It's about the trip not the destination
This little rabbit lives in the Rocky Mountains and has found a superbly located tree house to live in!

"Ski bunny" available on

Who wouldn't want to ski down the hill from their house to go out? Or maybe just to ski down all day!

Have a really peaceful happy week everyone!

Monday, April 15, 2013


 How do you decide on names for your paintings? Sometimes I find it easy to name something and then other times it isn't so easy! I decided on "Sailing" for this ACEO. An ACEO is basically a very small painting! Most of them are 4x5 or so. This one is 4x4x2. Most paintings tell a story, some are to be interpreted by the viewer and some artists have a definite point of view they are trying to convey.


I usually have a story or a feeling for a painting that I want to put on the canvas. Sometimes the story is very clear to me before I paint and other times I have a feeling I am painting with so I create the story after the painting is done.


"Sailing down the coast coming round a bend and off in the distance you see an unusual tree. It looks to be a welcoming beach, shall we dock to see what we can see? Look there! a small light glowing, oh! we must go to explore! 

Have a happy exploring day! You never know what wonders may await!"

This week i rearranged my tiny studio space. The space I work in is very important to my creative flow. We recently moved into a small space in order to help our sons health issues and finding my creativity has been a little challenging. After I rearranged again, I had a huge rush of creativity! I sat down and painted for several days!
Here is the new space.

 Stacys Art Studio!

This is the piece I worked on!



A moment in time between two lovers. Who are they? Are they starcrossed? Are they from different times, different places? We'll never know for it is their private moment to be treasured in their hearts and carried with them wherever they may go.

Have a romantic moment in time!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Greeting Cards and Prints!

This week I caught a cold and was knocked off of my feet. I am still recovering. While sick with a cold it might seem like a good time to paint but it really isn't! You just can't focus your creative energy when your sick! Earlier in the week (before I was struck down) I was able to get a little work done on my latest project. I can't share the progress with you since my camera also is having some difficulties!

I have however found time to reorganize all of my photos of my work in my computer. I didn't realize how scattered about in different folders they were until I started trying to organize my facebook a little better, so I began working on them. I don't think I would've ever had the patience to fix all of that without being sick!

Recently a fan of my work( I am also a big fan of hers contacted me and asked me if I would ever have prints available. I explained that I just hadn't the equipment to get them right so I had stopped pursuing it. She then told me about fineartamerica and redbubble so last week as I mentioned in my post I put some things on fineartamerica. This week, I opened an account at redbubble as well! In last weeks post I also said that I would be working on paintings that would be for print only. Well! While I was sorting thru all of my pictures I found one piece that I no longer have the original for sale because there was some damage done to the canvas itself. I had been heartbroken at the time but now it  can be the first to live on as greeting cards and prints only!
                                                                   "Hollyhock Valley"
"Hollyhock Valley" available as a  greeting card or print on  or

"Hollyhock Valley"
 " In a land far away snuggled in amongst grand rocky mountains lay a little valley hidden to most, named Hollyhock Valley. This is my favorite place in the whole world. This is where all you hear are the cries of the eagle, the call of the wolf and trumpeting of the elk. If you listen carefully you will also hear the leaves of the aspens quaking. There is where my heart lays and will always be."

I have others on fineartamerica and redbubble but whenever the original sells I retire it so the prints on those will only be available until the original sells. I hope to be back at my easel soon and hope you all have a very pleasant week!


Monday, April 1, 2013

The Freedom of Painting!

I hope that you have had a really great week! Here is the painting from last week all finished!
The latest news is that I am now on You can get prints and cards there from a few of my paintings. I only sell prints of paintings until the original sells. Once it sells I retire the piece so that no more prints can be made of it. I am working on a few paintings that I will just use for prints. That is yet another project in the future!

"Lace" 11x14x1 available at

I had the chance to look thru old pictures at my moms this week and came across pictures of the first mural that I painted for my son! I thought I would share them with you.

What do you enjoy about painting so much? I wonder that each time I see a piece from another artist I admire so.  For me it is the feeling of creating a little world that doesn't exist accept in my head. I get lost when I am painting and nothing that worries me can get in while I am painting.

If you have been following my other blog, you know that my son got leukemia when he was little. Whenever he was resting I would paint a little. Every time my husband would come home to me painting he would ask, "What's wrong?" He knew that painting is what I did when things got overwhelming. The reason is, that when I paint I get lost into the little world I am painting, I wish for everyone to have an outlet that works that way for them!  

                                               Here is the first mural I ever painted!

What I remember about this mural is not how I did this or that, but how I loved doing it! The other thing I remember is how much my son loved it. From that point on if I painted it was for children because I loved how honestly appreciative children are. I later did two large murals for the school my son went to and it was so much fun everyday to go in and paint because the kids would walk by and comment. Sometimes they would make suggestions. Some were pretty funny and some were pretty out there! There were suggestions of about a crocodile eating a pig?, or how about an alien?, or a snake strangling something!  When I find pictures of that mural I will post them.  

This is the piece I am working on this week. Lets see what it turns into by next week!

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