Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's time to reopen my etsy store!

Happy fall to one and all! I hope this finds everyone of you well! Fall is near which always cheers me up! It's my favorite time of year! Since I grew up in Wisconsin and Colorado I'm quite used to the seasons, in fact  I think its the change of seasons that I love the most. A few posts back I shared this painting while it was in progress. Here it is all finished! It did fight me a little but, it ended up the way I saw it in my head! (well, mostly...)

"Coming Home" 9x12 available

The kiddo's medical tests are finished until January. Whew! Most everything turned out fine. We are still waiting on the results of a couple tests but during the process of all the Dr.s searching for an answer for what is going on with the kiddo we have found some solutions that  seem to be helping him and he is slowly improving. What we find frustrating is that if medical science hasn't put it down in a book somewhere it's difficult for Dr.s to understand what is going on and rarely trust what mom has seen for evidence. I truly appreciate what the Dr.'s have done for him, however I wish that they would listen to my observations more. We were the ones who saw what all these chemos did to our kids. The Dr.s put in the orders for the meds and the nurses administered them but we were the ones who took care of the aftermath of those meds. We are the ones who were there 24 hours a day seeing what the drugs did to our kiddos.  I also wish they would be more straight forward with us about the damages chemo does to kids who go through these treatments. Parents who have watched their children go thru many years of chemo for leukemia have seen alot and are pretty tough, we can take it.   So that's my opinion anyway! (I'll stop complaining for awhile now)

Onto good news! I'm reopening my etsy store tomorrow Friday September the 25th. To celebrate I will be having a 25% off sale! (this sale excludes all cards and prints) It will run from September 25th thru October the 2nd. You won't need a coupon code to get the 25% off, I've already marked everything down for you. I try to keep our life as simple as possible so I thought I would pass that onto you so you won't have to mess with coupon codes. I will even have my new pieces included in the sale! Also, I wanted to mention that I'm happy to do lay-a-way purchases if anyone would like. All you need to do is message me and we can work out a plan that works for you.

"Standing Guard" 24x48 available

I haven't painted as much as I normally do. While the kiddo was going thru medical tests our whole family came down with a bad respiratory virus and it knocked us out of things for awhile but I'm back at the easel again! We are truly looking forward to the cooler air of fall and enjoying a few outings. I hope you are too!

Here's a new piece I just started. Then fall colors started taking over in my brain so I've put this aside for a bit because I have a fall painting in my head that I need to get onto canvas!

Have a really happy day out there! Come see me at my etsy store tomorrow!