Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Activities

The weather this winter has been pretty cold for our area. We live in the high desert which means we have cold winters and some snow but this year we've had more than usual. My favorite weatherman Mark Ronchetti here in New Mexico tells us it has something to do with the el nino weather pattern. He cracks me up, because when we have weather that is different than dry, windy, hot or dry, windy, cold, he gets all excited. It's fun to watch.

I think the snow is beautiful.

As I've mentioned before in other blog posts, this  winter I've been trying to finish up projects. I just finished one of my favorites! A dear friend of mine gave me this amazing old beat up desk. It originally was a dressing table or vanity table. It's very old and the mirror is no longer there, since I wanted to use it as a desk anyway it didn't matter. I didn't mind that it was beat up a bit because I wanted a rustic french farm house look anyway.    

First, I painted the area where the mirror used to be with chalk board paint and gave it a layer of blue paint topped with a white wash. I found some cute blue drawer pulls at hobby lobby(on sale of course!). I used the little foot stool as a chair (not very comfortable!)  

And then...... I got distracted by other things and never finished it until now!
The next step was to scrape off some paint and then the final step was a very watered down grey wash.  

I truly love it! I now consider it a treasure. 

     Another dear friend gave me this fantastic chair. It was originally brown so I spray painted it black.

I love using the chalk board for all sorts of things!

 I hope everyone out there are enjoying their winter! I have several other projects underway and several paintings I'm working on. In fact I just listed this painting in my etsy store.

Have a lovely day out there!