Monday, July 22, 2013

Shhh, it's Still a Secret

I finished it! Hurray! This is the one that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It is still a secret tho.

However, I can tell you that the name of this piece is "Strength" It's for a very good friend and as soon as it's in this persons hands I will tell you more about it. In the meantime, perhaps you can guess what the meaning might be behind this painting? It will be a fun game. Right now it is curing, waiting to be sent to its rightful home.

My son has health problems and I have been very focused on that of late. My blog may have  a few delays in the next few weeks. I will try to keep everyone apprised of what is going on as soon as I know what is going on. I love art and live to paint but my whole heart belongs to my boy. His health concerns have the highest priority in my life. For now painting is on the back burner and like an old friend it will be waiting when things settle down a bit.

My inspiration this week is....... Vibrant Clay and Jewelry!  Here is a link to their facebook page.

She makes the most adorable clay horses! She will make a horse who looks like your real one! Just show her a picture or like in my case I had to describe my friend because I didn't have a picture. It had been so long ago(back when I didn't have a camera)   Here is the one she did for me!

This is Rooster. He was a very precious friend of mine. In fact I wrote a childrens book all about him. It started out as stories I would tell children when I was a trail guide. Many children were very frightened to be on a horse and I would tell stories about my silly friend Rooster. It helped them see horses as friends instead of something to be afraid of. Then once I had my son, I told him the stories almost every bedtime. I eventually put it down on paper and am now working on the art for the book and my son who was a baby when I began telling him these stories is doing the I.T. for it. Perhaps one day it will become a real book! In the meantime I am so happy to have a little clay representation of my wonderful old friend!  

My hope for everyone this week is that they have a lovely one! Go out and give whoever you love a great big hug. It will make your week so much better, I promise!  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Off the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful...

Off the coast of somewhere beautiful........

The sails are high, the boat gently rocks on the ebb and flow on top of quiet waters. The stars gleam bright high above, listen! the water laps ever so softly on the sides of the boat. All is quiet while you count your lucky stars off the coast of somewhere beautiful....
You can find this painting in my etsy store at

How was your week? I've had a very busy one. There was a little painting being done. This one was finished for a little thankyou gift. It is about done curing and will be shipped out soon!

This one I finished a bit ago and is now in the etsy store. It is titled "The Path thru the Shire"

"The Path thru the Shire"
While traveling down the path thru the shire on a brightly snow covered afternoon, you come across this tiny victorian looking neighborhood. Who could live in such tiny little places you wonder? Perhaps it's the home of some industrious litlle mice or maybe there are fairies slumbering there awaiting the spring to come. Who knows? That's the fun of it, just wondering..... or perhaps the wandering is the fun? You decide!

Who will be my inspiration today? It is that oh so clever Silver Storm Universe. Sumatra Storm the kittys' Universe and beautiful poetry to go along with it. Thankyou for the wonderful words! I find beauty in words, they are comfort to my heart.

Have a really great week everyone!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pictures of Pictures

Last week I showed the partially completed painting I was doing for a friends daughters wedding and this week I finished it! Here are two different pictures of the painting. I wanted to show you how different it can look in different locations and the frustrations I have over photographing my paintings. It's really difficult to get an actually accurate photo!  Here it is in the sunshine... 
"Wuv Twoo Wuv"
In the sun the camera picks up the bright blues of the piece and the white on the tree is correct but it doesn't pick up the depth of the other colors. Here it is inside...

This one shows the difference in colors in the water but it doesn't capture the brightness of the blue color and the white on the tree is slightly off white. Why am I telling you this? Just that I still have not figured out how to photograph my paintings! Some of my paintings I can get an accurate photo of  but these that have this particular mix of colors are the most difficult for me to capture. It's something that I hope one day to conquer! Anyhow, I named this painting. "Wuv Twoo Wuv" because both of our families love quoting from the movie, the princess bride. It will be shipped off sometime this week! I so enjoyed working on something for someone I care about that I decided to go ahead and do a couple more projects that I've wanted to do for a while now. I've decided that the month of July will be dedicated to some personal paintings but I will happily share them with you and be assured that I will be doing more for the etsy store soon after these projects are finished. My new pieces will be influenced by what I learned while working on these that I am doing now. I began this next one. It is very special and very secret right now.

Once it is in the hands of the one it is intended for I will explain it to you! 
Now who inspires me this week? T. Michelle Jacobs the award winning poet inspires me everyday! I love her poetry and short stories. She seems to know how to touch your heart and make you feel like her poems and stories are what you needed at the moment! She is on facebook and this is a link to her amazing book. "The Way" It is a compilation of moving poems and short stories. They are about the struggle of life but not only that. They are about the survival of the struggle and the strength from that struggle. I am sure her poems will inspire you too! 

Here is a link to her facebook page so you can enjoy a poem from her now and again. I know thay always brighten my day!

I hope everyone has a really great week!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Putting Love Onto the Canvas

Once in awhile I take a break from painting for my studio. I of course, desire to sell my work since I would love to accomplish the goal of supporting myself thru my art pieces. Oh, the joy that would be! With patience and hard work that may one day come true for me, who knows?! However, while I always put love onto my canvasses, I find it helpful to begin a piece or two that I have decided to give to a friend. Here's a piece I began this week. It will be a wedding gift for a friends daughter who is soon to be married. 


Sometimes it's good for me to think of the person who I am painting for and for some odd reason it improves my skills.  I cannot explain it but after I have painted a canvas or two as a gift I am re-inspired to paint new pieces with more confidence in my style for the art studio. Then when someone buys a piece and it makes them happy, it makes me very happy. I feel fulfilled in my work and really who could ask for anymore than that?

Now, I wanted to tell you about another artist that inspires me. This week I have chosen the artist Cody Hooper. Here's his facebook link so that you can see his amazing pieces of art. From there you can find the galleries his pieces are available in.

He is an abstract artist. I find his pieces to be moving and incredibly beautiful. He's from one of my old home states New Mexico, where you will find many amazing artists. He certainly is one of them! Thankyou for the inspiration Cody Hooper!