Sunday, November 2, 2014

Slot Canyon Hike

I'm not writing about painting today. I just wanted to share some of the beautiful sights we got to see this last weekend. I took the above picture from the top of a mesa over these rocks. They are called the "Tent Rocks" They're found near Lake Cochiti New Mexico. It's quite a bit off the beaten path but quite a sight!

First you hike about .5 miles to the beginning of this trail..........

Then the fun begins.....

The rocks have been formed by wind and water but mostly wind. 

The wind can be such an amazing sculptor.

Look! A tree growing sideways out of rock!

That is so cool.

You can get so close to the rock.


That is the trail...

Climbing the trail.

Yep the trail gets exciting..

And the top!

It was a blast to see and climb, I hope you enjoyed the pics!