Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's All Fun!

Now, I get to tell you what this painting meant! I know that I've mentioned how much I enjoyed painting it. It's a tree family of course! The mom and dad are intertwined giving each other strength, comfort and love, their limbs curl and wrap around their son and baby. I placed the baby in the middle because their older son is the kind of kid who will be protective of his baby sibling. You can follow each of the limbs as they wind around and see how they are all woven together. I was so happy when they opened their painting and their older son knew immediately which tree he was. It made my day!

not available - it's a gift

After all of that excitement I turned back to my little easel and started something new. This time I decided to play with some golden/bronze leaves. Here's where it's at right now.

It's still in the what I call the growth stage. I always start with an idea of what I want but it develops as I paint it. Many times it transforms into something I didn't plan so I've learned not to state exactly where it's headed! I still have this one on hold. 

I have it hanging on my wall so that I can look at it as I pass by to ponder what will happen next. I have a good idea of what I'm going to do, I just need the right motivation to sit down and work on it. That's one of the things I love so much about having a corner to have studio space in, I can spread out a little and am under less pressure to finish a piece, since I can hang it on a wall and think on it a bit!

My inspiration this week is my dear friend Karen Shackles! She is an artist with her camera and can capture the most amazing things. She's on fineartamerica and here is a link to her page there. http://fineartamerica.com/art/all/karen+shackles/all She is privileged to live high in the rockies and gets to see amazing sights every single day. I love that she shares her talent of capturing incredible images with us! Thankyou Karen for constantly inspiring me!


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